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Bilal Bawany

Bilal Bawany


Bilal Bawany is a second year Global Policy Studies student at the LBJ School of Public Affairs. After graduating from the Lahore University of Management Sciences with a degree in economics and political science, Bilal has vigorously pursued his dual interests in international development and social entrepreneurship. He has had experience in managing primary research and development programs related to public health, education and agriculture and his research interests span across poverty alleviation, institutional reform and inclusive growth. Apart from his day job, Bilal has launched numerous startups in Pakistan related to online retail, event management and consumer goods imports. Currently, Bilal is interning at Innovations for Poverty Action in Ghana where he has been managing the monitoring and reporting for the Teacher Community Assistant Initiative (TCAI), a national level remedial education initiative which aims to identify the most effective methods for improving learning outcomes and inform policy reform. Bilal is also working with Exponential Education, an NGO which provides peer based learning and scholarships to students in Ghana, helping manage the organization’s expansion and developing rigorous M& E systems which will be implemented this September. Additionally he is launching a for-profit SAT tutoring and higher education counseling venture that will address the demand for high quality education services as well as provide sustainable funding to Exponential Education.

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