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Summer Internship at the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition (TCJC)

Howdy, y’all! Greetings from Austin, TX!  After finishing up my first year at LBJ, I’m excited to get start my summer internship at the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition (TCJC).

This summer, I’ll be working primarily on issues related to employment post-reentry. For many formerly incarcerated individuals, obtaining employment after release is a critical step towards successfully re-integrating into their community and becoming responsible, law-abiding citizens. Unfortunately, finding a job after you’ve spent time in the Criminal Justice System is often not an easy task. My job this summer is to figure out what policy makers may be able to do to help non-violent offenders find jobs and obtain economic stability. I’m excited to work on this topic, as it perfectly melds my dual interests in social and economic policies and provides me with a chance to explore how various factors influence an individual’s long-term economic success.

My work will involve data base construction, survey research, policy brief writing, and much more. I won’t start work until June 5th but I’ve met with my internship supervisor and am looking forward to my first day. As fate would have it, June 5th is also the scheduled Sunset Advisory Commission hearing for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. So my first day of work I’ll be arriving early to head over to the Capital with TCJC’s Executive Director to observe the hearings and take notes for later use!

Can’t wait to have that experience and start getting to work on my projects at TCJC!


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