Hello from Uganda!

I am excited to begin my first post! I am an intern with The Uganda Village Project, a nonprofit organization that works on issues such as clean water, sanitation, family planning, HIV/AIDS, malaria and nutrition. I am working in the village of Buwaiswa, located about 4 hours east of the capital Kampala. I am living and working with 3 other American interns and 2 Ugandan interns. The Ugandan interns, Reagan and Irene are lifesavers!! Without them, we would be so lost. Although English is the official language of Uganda, very few people speak it in our village. Our Ugandan counterparts serve as our translators and help us to learn the cultural norms of the country.

This past week was our first official week of work in our village. We held several community meetings in which we asked the villagers what health and sanitation issues they would like to be addressed during our 2 months in the village. Buwaiswa has never had much NGO assistance so I was a little worried about how the village would receive us. My fears quickly disappeared when the village meeting area (under a huge tree to protect from the blazing sun) filled with people from all over the village! The turnout was spectacular. Both men and women seem very eager to work with us and learn from us in any way they can. Yeah Team Buwaiswa!

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